The District of Tofino

The District of Tofino, established in 1932, is a municipal corporation that will host and administrate the project. As a leader in coastal British Columbia in emergency planning and response as well as in community engagement, the District of Tofino has the strong support of Mayor and Council as well as staff to further develop the community’s resilience to natural disasters.

Ocean Networks Canada

Ocean Networks Canada (ONC) is a not-for-profit society created in 2007 by the University of Victoria to develop and manage the NEPTUNE and VENUS Observatories, to position Canada as an international leader in the science and technology of ocean observing systems, and to maximize associated economic and societal benefits through commercialization and outreach. ONC is the key technological partner in the proposed project. ONC and the District of Tofino have formally collaborated for over four years on earthquake and tsunami preparedness.


Other partners that will be critical to the project’s success include:


Dr. Carlos Ventura, University of British Columbia

Dr. Ventura is an expert in earthquake early warning (EEW) systems deployed at a local level and he collaborates on EEW with ONC.

Dr. Bryson Robertson and Dr. Brad Buckham, University of Victoria

Dr. Bryson Robertson (left) and Dr. Brad Buckham (right), University of Victoria have expressed interest in collaborating in Wave Safe. The funds from the Smart Cities Challenge will afford the development of real-time wave forecast at fine resolution for Tofino.

Dr. Peter Anderson, Simon Fraser University

Dr. Peter Anderson, Simon Fraser University who studies communication limitations for the province during emergencies.

Dr. Tuna Onur and Dr. Mark Seemann

Both adjuncts at the University of Victoria, they offer expertise in Disaster Risk Management with a specialization in earthquake hazard. 

Dr. Derek Jacoby and Dr. Yvonne Coady

Dr. Derek Jacoby (left) and Dr. Yvonne Coady (right), University of Victoria have been strong collaborators of the Ocean Networks Canada tsunami program. They are the team leaders of the virtual reality tsunami developments for Port Alberni. Drs. Coady and Jacoby will collaborate on this project to develop virtual reality data products and games to bring the tsunami science to the public and emergency managers in Tofino.

Dr. Ioan Nistor

Dr. Ioan NISTOR is a Professor of Hydraulic and Coastal Engineering in the Department of Civil Engineering. He is researching hazards associated with extreme hydrodynamic and debris loading on infrastructure and is a Voting member of the ASCE7 Tsunami Effects and Loads Subcommittee for the elaboration of the world’s first design standard for tsunami-resistant buildings.

Additional partners are anticipated.